Two Worlds II HD Shattered Embrace Download For PC

Two Worlds II HD Shattered Embrace Download For PC

Game Title:Two Worlds II HD Shattered Embrace
Download size8.5
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release Date:DEC-06-2019
category:Action adventure 
Publisher:Zuxxez Entertainment Contribute
Game Format:Zip
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Two Worlds II is an RPG and sequel to Two Worlds, released in 2007 and released for Windows, MacOSX, PS3, X360. Initially, this game had Two Worlds: The Temptation and was supposed to be the second Expansion Pack for two worlds, but it was decided that it would be made as a complete game with an ancestral engine. The new engine allows the game to be made simultaneously for PC and console. It is also said that the new engine has a lot of power that today's games are honking; Beautiful scenery, special areas, real physics are all parts of this new vision.

The creators of Two Worlds II have also announced that you can play the multiplayer part Competitively or Cooperatively. Once again, you play as a human being who is a "hero", and when you upgrade, you can specialize in a particular skill or split points between different skills. You do not have to choose your class at the beginning of the game, but your character is formed during the game.

The story of Two Worlds II:

After defeating Aziraal, the god of fire, Dark Lord Gandohar almost achieves his goal of upsetting the balance between the four elements and filling the earth with black magic. Gandohar, who sees the possibility of dominating the black magic, uses the Izrael power that has been inserted into the body of Kyra (your sister in the first part of the game). The first game) that he has in his hands draws a new map from inside his castle in Oswaroth.

Five years after the events that took the world to the brink of extinction, you are imprisoned in one of the Gandohar dungeons, you have lost the freedom and hope of saving your sister, just when despair takes over your existence, hope comes from where someone He did not even think about it. The Orcs, the race you hate, have sent a rescue team to free you from prison, you enter a world haunted by the devil, and now you must discover Gondohar's past in the hope of finding his weakness, otherwise your sister You lose forever…

List of add-on packages in the current version:

Two Worlds II - Pirates of the Flying Fortress
Two Worlds II - Strategy Guide
Two Worlds II - Pirates of the Flying Fortress Strategy Guide
Two Worlds II - Call of the Tenebrae
Two Worlds II - Shattered Embrace
Two Worlds II - Echoes of the Dark Past
Two Worlds II - Echoes of the Dark Past 2
Two Worlds II - Soundtrack
Two Worlds II - PotFF Soundtrack
Two Worlds II - Digital Deluxe Content
Two Worlds II - CoT Soundtrack
Two Worlds II - Echoes of the Dark Past Soundtrack
Two Worlds II - Echoes of the Dark Past 2 Soundtrack

Features of  Compact:

Compressed according to the official version of CODEX called Two Worlds II HD Shattered Embrace-CODEX. The main data of the game has been updated to HD Editon, v2.07 along with all DLCs in this version. The selected bonus content file includes OSTs, ArtBook, Avatars, Maps, Strategy Guides and که which can be downloaded separately. You do not have to download this file. Game size has been reduced from 21.1 GB to at least 8.1 GB. Installation time will be between 10 to 20 minutes depending on your system. The required space after the complete installation of the game is a maximum of 22 GB (if all the selected languages ​​and files are installed). At least 2 GB of free RAM space is required to install the game. The XTool library developed by Razor12911 is used.


Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10(64bit)

Intel / AMD Dual Core CPU
V Card: 
Shader 3.0 @ 512 MB RAM
H Drive: 2
5 GB
S Card: with 5.1 Support
version 11 
Maximum Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10(64bit)
Intel / AMD Multi-Core CPU
RAM:  4 GB
V Card: Shader 4.0 @ 1.5 GB RAM
H Drive:  25 GB
S Card: with 5.1 Support
DirectX version 11


DirectX software has been developed and published by Microsoft as an intermediary between hardware and software for computer systems. If you are a professional gamer, you definitely need this software to run games as well as possible.
  • Enable New Features On Graphics Cards
  • Smooth Running Of New Games Increase The Power Of Windows In Graphics Processing
  • Use The Highest Features Of Graphics Cards
Download DirectX in Nikeegames DirectX is a set of components in Windows that allows software, primarily and especially games, Remember to keep in mind that DirectX adds significant resource needs to the functions of the game. to work directly with your (v)Card graphics and (s)Card hardware. even with a newer and more powerful PC. This software is a collection of APIs application programming interfaces for programming (v)Card graphics and (s)Card.
The most recent version of DirectX improves Microsoft Windows 7,8,10 compatibility for The (v)Card graphics and (s)Card work very well If you play games on your Microsoft Windows PC that require DirectX to work. You still see a performance when enabling these options. Games that use DirectX software can use multimedia features built-in to your system hardware more efficiently which improves your gaming performance. You must have Direct X installed to avoid DLL Errors. This is the best software to improve your Gaming performance. 

Screenshots:Two Worlds II HD Shattered EmbraceTwo Worlds II HD Shattered EmbraceTwo Worlds II HD Shattered EmbraceTwo Worlds II HD Shattered Embrace Download PC

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1) Make sure your antivirus is completely disabled.

2) Extract the compressed files by WinRar software and run the ISO file obtained after extraction by Daemon Tools software as Mount.

3) Install the game.

4) Replace the files in the CODEX folder in the game installation location.

5) Enjoy playing the game.

Missing DLL troubleshooting tutorial:

Please note that PhysX drivers must be fully installed on your system to run this game. If, even after installing these drivers, you encounter the error of not having the required DLLs, please check all the files with the DLL extension at the following address:

C: / Program Files (x86) / NVIDIA Corporation / PhysX / Common

Copy to your game installation location and in the game folder and then run the game

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