Assassin's Creed 1 Free Download For PC

Assassin's Creed 1 Free Download For PC

Game Title: Assassin creed 1
Download size 2.2 GB
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Microsoft Windows
Xbox One
Release Date: 13 november 2007
category: Action-Adventure
Publisher: Ubisoft
Mode(s): Single-player
Game Format: ZI

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Assassin's Creed is an Action - Adventure and Open World Game Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Published by Ubisoft, Directed by,  Patrice Désilets Produced by Jade Raymond, Designers by Maxime Beland, Programming by Mathieu Mazerolle, Writers by Corey May, and Artist by Raphael Lacoste  Assassin's Creed Released Date: November 13, 2007, For PlayStation 3, XBox 360 and DateApril 8, 2008, For Windows Microsoft PC, Assassin's Creed is a good game and its storyline is also very good assassins  has an ability in the game running, jumping, climbing, and parkour, Assassin's Creed won several awards at E3 in 2006. If you like action and adventure game then you can play Assassin's Creed.
Assassin's Creed is set in a fictional history of real-world events, Assassin's Creed who fight for peace with free will, Templars, who want peace through control, Assassin's Creed This word has been taken from the Albanian language Hashshashin means killers, The storyline of this game is for an Eden of Apple "between the two secret society Assassin's and the Knights Templar War,"Eden of Apple "as is known, which is an ancient Artifact which mind to control for users. 

The main characters of this game are from, Desmond Miles, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Al Mualim and Dr. Warren Vidic and his assistant Lucy Stillman, Expert is done by Dr. Warren Widdique and his assistant Lucy Steinhan in Abstergo Industries.

Diamond Mines lived in New York and used to work in a bar, A Bartender Desmond Miles has been kidnapped by the company Abstergo Industries for use in "Annesus" as a test subject, Expert Dr. warren widdique and his assistant Lucy steinhan, abstergo industries in the work is done The player is, in reality, playing as a modern-day man named Desmond Miles, who, through the use of a machine named the "Animus", is allowed the viewing and controlling of the protagonist's genetic memories of his ancestors,

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad was born in 1165, and in 1191 the Master Assassin's had become After the birth of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, his mother had died when Alauddin was a child his father was killed in front of him. Assassin's creed brotherhood leader has altaïr ibn-la'ahad nourish was, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's Leader's Name is Al Mualim And they are also called Older of the mountain

To become a good and fearless Assassin's Creed, follow three rules.
  •  Stay your Blade From the Flesh of an Innocent
  •  Hide in Plain Sight 
  •  Never Compromise The Brotherhood 
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad was unable to follow this rule and for this reason, he was punished Mualim was given the missions as punishment missions name is the death of Knight individuals altaïr ibn-la'ahad three kingdoms to liberate the corruption away nine temples the leaders to kill. If you have to know the story of the game then you have to complete the mission.

Assassins Creed 1 is one of the most memorable and beautiful games ever released by Ubisoft. The game made a lot of releases and made a lot of changes in the gaming market. The main character of this game is Altair. This person is taught at a young age by his father until Altair gets up to Master Assassins after which he teaches young assassins. 

The story of the game is about a person who is in the category of the Assassins, and his father is one of the largest of the Assassin descendants and, as time goes by, the enemies are getting bigger and the thirst for the Templars to a greater Golden Orb, Altair, for the Templars to miss their balls. 

It was to have built a library whose input was encrypted with a complex code that was open only to one of its descendants, which was the six golden plaques, each of which was Altair's history and life, one of those who came to Altair He betrayed his master, that is, a person called Almoalem al-Mu'alm, who later tempted him, and the same ball to kill that all opposition to A Lair started after his master's death. 

The story is completely and completely about the crystal ball, which Altair hides with itself at the age of 56 at the secret library in the emirates of the Confederations, in order to prevent it from reaching the hands of the Templars, which will find it in the future of Altair's grandson Ezio Auditore. Hides and hides.


Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64bit versions only)
 Dual core processor 2.6 GHz  Processor 
RAM : 2
Video Card : 
256 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 6800+ / ATI Radeon X1600+)
S Card
: DirectX
Hard Drive: 8 GB
DirectX: Version 11

Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64bit versions only)
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz Processor 
 : 4 GB
Video Card: 
512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 6800+ / ATI Radeon X1600+)
S Card
: DirectX
Hard Drive:
 8 GB
 Version 11


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assassin-creed-1-free-download-for-pcAssassin's creed 1 Free Download For PC

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Step 1: Download WinRAR

Step 2: Download all parts from the download links given below.

Step 3: Right-click on the 1 part and click “Extract here.” Other parts will be automatically extracted. 

Step 4: Now Right-click on the extracted Iso file and click on  Extract here again.OR You can also open ISO with a software called, “Ultra ISO.” Click on the Mount to Drive on the 3Rd bar on the upper of Upraise to mount it.

Step 5: Then go to the virtual drive, and open it.usually just after My Computer. 

Step 6: Once mounted or extracted, Right clicks on the file named, “Setup.exe” and click on Run As Administrator to start the game installation. 

Step 7: Wait for it to install the game on your PC. 

Step 8: Once the installation is complete, open the "codex" folder and copy all the files from there and paste into the where you have installed the game. For example, if you have installed the game in, “My Computer > Local Disk C > Program files > “Assassin's Creed then paste those files in this directory. Click on replace if it asks for on the game icon.exe and then clicks on Run as Administrator to start the game.

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